Access to PortStar

Register for an account:

If your employer already uses PortStar for their training, they will provide you with the web address you'll need to register.
  • From your portal's log-in screen, select register
  • Fill in all the requested information
    • Employee Number is a unique number associated with your account. Examples include an employee badge number or your drivers license number.
    • Group will determine which training lessons are assigned to your account. Your training manager should let you know which group to select before you register.
  • Select Register Now
  • NOTE:
    You will not be able to log-in until your training manager has approved
    your registration. An email notification will be sent to you when your
    registration is approved.

Training Managers Interested in PortStar:

PortStar offers a demo to let you sample some of our lessons and see how a training portal works. Click here to register for the demo now!