Online or Instructor-Led, You Decide

The PortStar curriculum is available for both Instructor-led training (ILT) and Web-based training (WBT), with both delivery methods containing the same activities, content, and management support. Each course consists of brief lessons that last about 30 minutes. You can think of these lessons as building blocks. Rather than taking an entire course (whether you need it all or not), you can use only relevant lessons to build a training program that meets your needs. onlinetrainingAfter successful completion of the required lessons in a course, learners receive a certificate. All lesson completions are recorded in a web-based system and available 24x7 to employees, instructors, and supervisors. Through this system, employees can access their lesson history and, if WBT is available to them, complete lessons online day or night. Trainers and supervisors can view completions of their students and employees through the system, using the reports to monitor progress, export data, and print course completion certificates.