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This Three Minute Video Will Change The Way You View Seaport Worker Security Training - Forever

PortStar: the next generation in security training.

Users of the PortStar Training Management System will tell you, the two innovations that stand out are the introduction of Web-based training to the standard curriculum, which plays a central role in flexible delivery and lower costs, and (2) the online management of all training records.

Online or Instructor-Led, You Decide

The PortStar curriculum is available for both Instructor-led training (ILT) and Web-based training (WBT), with both delivery methods containing the same activities, content, and management support. Each course consists of brief lessons that last about 30 minutes. You can think of these lessons as building blocks. Rather than taking an entire course (whether you need it all or not), you can use only relevant lessons to build a training program that meets your needs. Read more...

Meet Regulations, and Support Professional Development

It’s a given that seaports must meet federal training requirements, but simply meeting minimum requirements is no longer an option in today’s competitive environment. Businesses are doing more with less. Training is no exception.  With PortStar, planning worksheets indicate which lessons are required. Required lessons can be combined to create a core course for new hires. Read more...

More More

Portstar Training Solutions for Badging & Access Control


Integrate a Portstar Online Training option to meet security training requirements for your facility's Business Purpose Badge or Visitor's Pass. View Best Practice Example >>

Training Program Sponsors


Training program sponsors are organizations committed to excellence in learning and professional development for the port and maritime workforce.

Visit our website www.maritimeprofessional.com

Compliant With PortStar

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33 CFR 105.215 33 CFR 105.210 33 CFR 105.210 33 CFR 105.205 33 CFR 105.200 AWR-1 PER-2 PER-4 MGT-5 AWR-6 MGT-7 MGT-8 Port Employees Security Officers Security Officer Supervisors Law Enforcement Officers Law Enforcement Supervisors First Responders Facility Security Officers Port & Facility Management

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